Boarding & Daycare

With your pet here while you are at work or on vacation, it will be more similar to them being in their own home without the intrusion of someone in your home. We keep either a tv or radio on for the guests. We do not use concrete kennel runs with dog doors, or indoor potty areas as we feel those teach bad house habits. Instead, they have time outside in a secure large yard with grass, trees, play equipment, toys and sunshine.

Our "dog room"

Our dog room has 11 kennels with a lot of lighting, bright colors and easy to sanitize G-Flooring which is also easy on their feet. We have elevated beds for those pets who prefer them, big thick comforters or fleece blankets (depending on the needs of each pet). We use stainless steel bowls and water buckets as they do not promote germ growth and all are washed after each use (buckets are sanitized daily, dishes after each meal). All areas are sanitized daily (generally three times a day, or more during muddy seasons).

Since we do not have indoor/outdoor "runs" we do rotations for potty time and play time as needed. We do not expect them to have to "go" only two or three times a day, and we feel this helps to keep healthy dogs as well as consistent good house manners and allows for good exercise - we all know a tired dog is a good dog! We are happy to send photos/video during their stay so you can see how they are doing!

Please download the indysdogs_contract, print, fill out and bring with you to your meet/greet along with your pet’s current vaccination record. 

What we provide

Around the clock care (24/7)

Comforters & Blankets (washed daily)

Sanitized crates (for those who crate at night)

Sanitized individual indoor areas 

Dog dishes (sanitized after every meal)

Water buckets (sanitized every day)

Healthy treats & tons of toys (toys sanitized between dogs)

What you provide

A buckle or clip on collar with tags & leash

Proper supply of their current food (please measure meals and bag individually with the dog’s name on the bag)

Treats for those on special diets

T-shirt that the owner has worn (for that scent to bring comfort)

Any medicines needed (labeled with dog's name/directions)

Copy of all vaccination records

We do not allow any rawhide or rope type toys due to blockage risks.

Bringing Comfort

With over 25 years professional dog care for others’ dogs, your pet will receive top quality care with someone who understands canine behavior. Our rates are all inclusive so you know from the start what your dog's stay will cost.

Extras at no charge:


We do not charge extra for things we feel are required for a healthy, happy dog. Our flat rate fee includes unlimited outdoor time, play time, individual attention, medications, elderly pet care, post surgery rehab work, or any other thing that will make your dog's stay comfortable. 


Guests receive individual attention including a body massage which offers us a chance to go over your dog head to tail and we can then inform you of anything that may need attention. This also promotes relaxation and better health - we all are for healthy dogs!


All daycare, boarding or grooming dogs must be at least four (4) months of age, current on vaccines, with no internal or external parasites and on heart worm preventative.


Monday - Friday

7am - 7pm

Saturday - Sunday

9am - 1pm / 4pm - 7pm

All drop off & pick ups are scheduled in advance, we do not accept walk ins.

After hour drop off/pick ups:

All drop offs between 7:00pm and 7:00am are considered after hours and must be scheduled in advance and have a $40 after hours fee.


We work hard to make your pet comfortable and all owners confident with the care we provide.

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